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Optimal Health Starts with the Liver

One of the most FRUSTRATING components of having thyroid disease is the unknown: You’re doing everything right, you’ve tweaked your meds 100 times, yet you still feel off.

It could be your liver. This organ has over 500 important functions, and helping regulate the thyroid is one of them. It’s often overlooked by medical professionals, especially if their basic labs come back fine, but it is VITALLY important is relation to how our thyroid meds work.

The liver is where most of the magic of T4 to T3 conversion happens….where the inactive hormone converts to the ACTIVE hormone that every cell in our body needs. Desperately needs. If there is a glitch there; in other words, if it’s sluggish or impaired, it holds on to, or “binds” the good stuff”, and the cellular regulation goes a bit haywire.

T4 (Synthroid, Levothyroxine) is not an active hormone. It is a storage hormone which MUST be converted to T3 for the positive effects to happen. If your liver is not acting as it should, taking more thyroid hormone is equivalent to shoveling snow while it’s still snowing: you keep taking them, but the symptoms don’t lessen, and in many cases, the symptoms get worse. Keeping your liver health is not just for thyroid conversion – it is responsible for filtering out mutated hormones as well – the ones our body doesn’t need. Unfortunately, dysfunction causes a breakdown in its filtering system, and this is where the symptoms start to appear.

*Skin issues, (rashes, itching, Eczema) *Menstrual issues, (heavy bleeding/clotting.) *Constipation *Copper/iron imbalances *Unstable blood sugar *Night blindness/blurry vision *Allergies *Cholesterol imbalances *Depression/anxiety

Some natural ways to encourage a healthy liver are:

*Milk Thistle, (don’t take if you have low ferritin levels. ) *Castor Oil Packs, (there are numerous YouTube videos explaining this process.) *BEETS. In any form, is an excellent detoxifier for a sluggish liver.) *Dandelion, Nettle, Oat straw teas are good body tonics period. *Bone broth –gelatin or collagen. (if you don’t have time to make it yourself, there are powdered form available in health food stores .) *Apple Cider Vinegar. *Rebounding/jumping on a trampoline. (Excellent way to help the lymph system get moving.)

So if any of this information rings true for you, work on a liver detox. I have had the best luck with Castor Oil packs and Nettle tea…. There are other ways to naturally enhance optimization for your thyroid, and we’ll be featuring that soon!

If you have questions or need help, feel free to join our online support group:

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