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Why Reverse T3 is So Important!

There is some chatter going around, in other Facebook groups, to the effect reverse T3 testing is unnecessary and does not tell us anything. Nothing could be further from the real truth!

When we read internet articles, as with anything, it is a good idea to have a few sources you really really trust and judge everything else by your trusted sources. For me, Kent Holtorf is one of those sources.

The link below is an excellent synopsis of a study arguing that rT3 is the best indicator of tissue hormone levels. It is not very easy reading. Here is the conclusion, really all you must read:

Link to Full Study:

This study demonstrates that TSH and T4 levels are poor measures of tissue thyroid levels, TSH and T4 levels should not be relied upon to determine the tissue thyroid levels and that the best estimate of the tissue thyroid effect is the rT3 level and the T3/rT3 ratio.

Any questions, feel free to post in our private Facebook support groups and we will be glad to help!

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