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The Truth About Thyroid Cancer!

Guest Blog post by Kimberlee Jarvis


No one told me thyroid cancer would be like this. I expected the fight, the need to survive and become cancer free. I did not expect the daily ups and downs I experience, even 2 years out. I did not expect to struggle to balance my medications. I did not expect to deal with severe anxiety. I did not expect to deal with emotions that don’t feel like my own. I did not expect to have pain like I do. I could go on and on. It’s unfortunate, but it’s now my life.

I was told 2 years ago I had thyroid cancer. Then I was told it is no big deal. We just do surgery and a little radiation and then you are done. Seriously that is what they said. The doctors acted like this was a routine minor surgery and all would be good when we were done. However, here I sit 2 years later and it’s NOT fine and it’s NOT good!

NOW I know that the thyroid controls over 300 functions in my body. It’s equivalent to the engine in my car. So how can my body run without an engine? How is this a minor procedure? How is my life supposed to be the same if I am standing here without a working engine?

No one told me this would change my life and not for the good. No one said this was going to be hard. No one prepared me for what was to become of my life. I should have been prepared. I should not have been blindsided. I should have been given the same care and concern they give someone getting an organ transplant! I lost a MAJOR organ, the engine to my body! I should have been prepared for that!

So here I sit, wondering if my life will ever be the same. I struggle every day. I fight every day. It’s not enough. I’m tired.

If you are struggling with thyroid cancer, TSN is here to help support you!

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