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My Success of Living a Ketogenic/Low Carb Lifestyle.

Patients dealing with thyroid disease and/or thyroid cancer often struggle with their weight as a result of their illness. That struggle can seem insurmountable, however, Jaime's transformation is nothing short of incredible and proves that everyone can take back control over their health! Way to go Jaime!

Before & After

In 2013, I weighed 286 pounds. I had Type 2 Diabetes, was dependent on insulin 2-3 times a day and pills as many times. I also had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed that year. I had been to a dietician for my Type 2 Diabetes and was given a chart of what I should and shouldn't eat. On that chart included a lot of carbohydrates (as high as 100 grams) and sodas were allowed in moderation, but could have diet if necessary. I had become so insecure with myself and my body, that I avoided cameras and had even gone as far as turning my mirrors around so couldn't see myself. Enough was enough! I couldn't live this way any longer.

Jaime's Progress Over Time is Amazing!

In 2014, I started doing some research and came across this way of eating called "Ketogenic." I figured it was just another fad, but it kept drawing me in. I continued to research and everything that I found seemed so easy. The success stories were motivating me to try it. So I did. Within the first month, there was a noticeable change in how my clothes fit and my energy levels. By the second month, I was completely amazed at how much my face had slimmed down. 6 months out, I no longer recognized myself. I was going to ball games, participating in things outside of my home, which had become my safe haven from the world seeing me. I was finally human again. Not just a shell of a person I once was.

Today, I am 140 pounds lighter, and am so happy with who I am. I am no longer dependent on insulin or pills for Diabetes. In fact, the only medications I take now are Naturethroid and vitamins to keep my Ketogenic lifestyle successful. Every time I hear someone saying how miserable they feel or how much they just want to lose weight, I use that as an opportunity to share with them what has changed my life on so many different levels. It works. It really does work!

Want to Learn More?

Because of Jaime's and others' amazing success with the Ketogenic lifestyle, TSN has started another support group devoted to thyroid warriors who want to lose weight, get healthy and stay motivated by following the Ketogenic lifestyle. You can join us be clicking here: TSN- Keto Warriors. We hope to see you there!


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