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A Story of Hope!

Yesterday I went to my Great Aunt's 90th Birthday party. This is what happened: She was telling me how beautiful I looked and said "you had a goiter, didn't you?" I said "yes, along with thyroid cancer." She said "I had a goiter and my thyroid removed 50 years ago. But, you don't take Synthroid, do you? Your hair and skin are too pretty for that!" She said "I lived to be 90 because I DIDN'T TAKE SYNTHROID!" I asked her, "what do you take?" She said "I take a pork hormone called Armour Thyroid. I have for 50 years!" Y'all she had eyebrows, still nice hair, her skin is so smooth and her hair still has color to it. How promising of a life this could be? With the know-how, it's possible to be optimal!

We love this story of hope! Becoming your own advocate, learning about treatment options and find what works for you makes all of the difference in the world!

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